Safety 1st Onboard 35

This post entails a review done by New Zealand Child Restraints on the Safety 1st Onboard 35 infant capsule, dated Jan. 2012. To see a larger image, click on the photo.

Safety 1st Onboard 35

Basic seat facts:
Rear facing only – 1.8 to 15.9kg
Maximum height – 81cm
Standard – NZS 1754 (New Zealand) also FMVS 213 (American)
Lifespan – 6 years (expires end of 2017, stated on seat and base).

The Seat:
4 – height slots – 14, 19, 24 and 30cm
3 – buckle slot – 8, 11 and 16cm
Width – 44cm
Shoulder width – 26cm
Leg width – 25cm

Bum to top  - 52cm
Bum to legs – 34cm

Chest clip – yes, smaller than used on larger car seats.
There is a locking clip with this car seat.
Push in lever to adjust harness.
There are indicators on the handle to visually see if the handle has clicked correctly into place, green = good, grey = not good.
Angle indicator on side of seat, different angle depending on child’s weight, <4.9kg and 4.9-15.9kg.
Non-slip tracks under the car seat.
EPS foam under seat cover surrounding the child’s head and back.

The Base:
Width – 44cm
Length – 56cm
Angle adjustment – 23 and 28cm
Total width on base – 44cm
Total length on base – 64cm
Width between belt slots – 22cm.

- There are no built in lock-off clips on the base for use when installing with the vehicle seat belt, the base though has isofix attachments.The base has a pocket for the isofix attachments to reside when not in use.
- The base is fiddly to adjust and has only two adjustment levels.

 About the Safety 1st Onboard 35.

The Safety 1st Onboard 35 offers the highest weight limit of any capsule sold in New Zealand and as such it also offers increased leg room so older baby’s are also comfortable. It’s important to note here that it is okay for your infants feet to touch the rear of the vehicle seat.

The seat has really low height slots so will fit pretty much all newborns, even premmie babies. As shown in the images below the harness fits well height wise on our 36cm premmie doll, although the harness cannot be pulled evenly tight over the dolls body, there is an excess of about 3cm of webbing.

Top harness slots will allow use beyond 12 months of age, with some 2 year old children managing to fit well in both the harness and the seat shell.

We liked how the chest clip was smaller than the clip found on Safety 1st convertible car seats, so it fits small infants well and helps to keep the harness over their wee shoulders.

The seat is straight forward to install, but lacks features such as base lock-offs that would make the install even easier. The low slot height and multiple crotch strap slots means even the smallest of infants can fit well.


- Handle can be at any position when used in the car.
- Headrest can be removed without removing the harness from the slots.
- Seat can be used with, or without base, using a lap or full lap and sash seat belt, or isofix (you must use only one method and never combine the two).
- Fits well in smaller cars.

-Thin canopy, does not cover much of the child when fully extended.
- Continuous-loop harness, this means that under the child’s bottom the harness runs as one piece, in some cases this may cause one harness side to pull through longer than the other side, to remedy the other side needs to be pushed/pulled to the opposite side and made equal again.
- Feature wise the seat lacks in comfort trimmings like rubberised handle grip, and infant padding is minimal like that found on the air model (pictured below).






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