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This post entails a review done by New Zealand Child Restraints on the Cosco Scenera 40RF convertible seat, dated June. 2012. To see a larger image, click on the photo.

Cosco Scenera RF40

Basic seat facts:
Rear facing to 18kg
Forward facing 10.1 – 18kg
Maximum height – 109cm
Standard – NZS 1754 (New Zealand)
Lifespan – 6 years

The Seat:
4 – height slots – 20, 26, 33 and 38cm
3 – buckle slots – 9, 13 and 16 cm
Width – 44cm
Shoulder width – 32cm
Leg width – 30cm

Bum to top  - 59cm
Bum to legs – 28cm

Chest clip
A locking clip
Cup Holder
Push in lever to adjust harness.
Padded cover
Single engaging buckle tongues
Latch and top tether attachments

About the Cosco Scenera RF40

The Cosco Scenera RF40 is a new name for the previous Scenera model. The main difference between these two seats is the increased rear facing limit now maxing out at 18kg, giving an extra 2kg of rear facing use. Many children are able to use this seat to its maximum capacity in both rear and forward facing (both being till 18kg).

Top shoulder heights are the same measuring at around 14.5-15 inches (~38cm). When comparing the crotch buckles I noticed the new seat had a completely different buckle, and this was also different to the model that we sold to another customer in September 2011. Why this is mentioned is the original buckle on the 2008 model (shown in comparison photos here) is quite large with a round release button and fully covered buckle tongues. The 2011 model had a similar buckle with exposed metal lips around the buckle tongues and the 2012 model has fully covered buckle tongues similar to the 2008 model but with the newer style buckle. Also worth mentioning that the new buckle appears to be around 2.5cm (1 inch) shorter than the 2008 model which may pose an issue with older/larger children. The seat still has 3 buckle slots, so when installed in the out-most slot the short length may not be an issue.

The molding of the seat is slightly different with a more smooth styling and less notches around the frame where the cover hooks slide through to attach to the seat frame which brings me to the newer cover. Finally Cosco have discovered padding, the new cover is much more padded than the previous. The headrest insert seems rather odd, as if cosmetic only rather than for comfort, it’s very thin, almost like a bit of paper. I feel that this would do nothing in terms of comfort for the child.

The labeling on the seat appears to be more clearer, easier to locate information like the weight limits and is more colourful too. The manual seems to be this way also.


- Light weight, ideal for traveling or swapping between cars
- Low costing seat

- Angle indicator is a line on the seat frame, not easy to locate and requires practice to get it installed at the correct angle.
- Basic and cheap seat, not a luxury model, a con for some, a plus for others

Images shown below show the 2008 model to the left and the 2012 model to the right

2008 | 2012

Back to back

Side on


2008 buckle











2012 buckle

Expiration Date






Manufacture date






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