Frontier 90 Advisory

Hi everyone,

Frontiers were first sold here in December 2013. They were dated October 2013 and it seems models dated from this time to mid 2014 may see a poor fitting seat belt when used in booster mode. Changes have been made to the later model Frontier seats, as they have re-sculpted the armrests/belt guide at the hips.
We’re not sure when the new models will be sold here, or if they already are, but I know that most of us have the affected model, and the seat does not come with the clip mentioned below.


Don’t panic!

There is a solution for this, please contact Britax USA with your car seat model name, and serial number – asking for a Secure Guard Clip – part number S922000.

Ours came directly from the US, at no cost to us. We tried to contact Britax NZ for this, however were only communicated with once, and they tried to sell us the clip:

“The Secure Guard is in our next container from Britax USA due late March early April the cost is $19.99NZD each includes GST.” 


Part No.



Secure Guard Clip


6 52182 06272 9


Britax USA stated:

“The consumer would need to contact us directly. We would only be sending out Secure Guard, because that will resolve their issue if they happen to have a fit issue.

Thank you

Customer Service”

Needless to say, our clip from the US came before the date stated above, and not a cent was exchanged.

Use this link:
And have your car seat details handy, you need your serial number, DOM and seat details as well as giving them your address.

The clip helps to keep the lap portion low down on the bony hip part of the pelvis and prevents the belt from creeping up toward the soft abdomen. It sits in the buckle slot of the seat when used in booster mode and comes with fitting instructions.

Car Seat Blog states “For many kids, there was no issue at all.  For some, especially smaller kids in certain vehicles, the booster fit was not as good as it could be.”

The image below shows the lap belt sitting too high [affected models] – the secure guard keeps the lap belt down low, over the upper thigh, rather than over the lower abdomen.

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Keeping Infants Warm In Car Seats

A few days ago an image was bought to our attention.

This image shows an infant placed into a capsule whilst swaddled under the harness, with a Houdini Stop used on the harness to stop the straps from falling off the infants shoulders.


It is vital that we clarify a few things here,

1: The Houdini Stop has been tested under Australian Standards, in conjunction with a forward facing dummy, and the clip did not affect the harness in anyway. During one test the Stop broke apart, see point 2 for an explanation. The Houdini Stop is an aftermarket product and is sold as one. The intention of the Houdini Stop is to prevent children from getting their arms out of the harness and to keep them in their seat. The Stop should be used until the behaviour (that is getting arms out of the harness straps) stops and then removed from the harness.

2. Chest clips are designed and tested to act as pre-tensioners. Their primary purpose is to position the harness straps over the child’s body and keep them in place while the seat is in use. During an impact the chest clip may break apart, this is not uncommon and until then the device has done its job. This is the same with the Houdini Stop.

3. Swaddling. Many parents with young infants are taught to swaddle their infant to help their baby sleep, as swaddling is said to keep the infant from sudden jerks that may wake them unexpectedly. Swaddling when in their cot, or stroller is fine,  however, it is best that infants be placed into their car seat normally with blankets then placed over top of the child over top of the harness. The blanket can be tucked in over the child preventing them from startling and jerking themselves awake.

The images below show how to correctly place your baby into their car seat with a blanket placed securely over the child without affecting the harness. The image with the sheep skin under the infants head was done by medical professionals and only sits under the infants head. Other images show methods that do not affect the use of the car seat.















Images used with permission. Do not use these images elsewhere unless you are the original owner.