Car seat conscious mother pleased

The following information and photos are from a mother in our online car seat community who faced an impact in a high speed zone recently, her story below. Thanks Tanya L.

“Crash was in 100km zone when a Land-cruiser was pulled off to the side of the road and did a u turn in front of me. I can’t be certain of speed at time of impact as I did get a chance to brake and swerve to try and avoid him.
Initial impact was my front/passenger side to his front drivers side but it must have spun me round a bit to damage the whole passenger side from bumper to bumper. Passenger front door was unable to be opened, wheel pushed right back into back of front guard.

Mr 3 in Nov was passenger back forward facing in xtsl
Mr 6m middle rear facing safety 1st compete air 65se
Mr 7 in Nov drivers side rear in Nania befix booster.

Normally it’s baby in on board air capsule passenger rear, middle boy in the middle rear facing in complete air and big boy forward facing in radian on drivers side but I’d left the capsule in hubbies car and had to do a quick swap around for the school run, of course that would be when someone tries to take us out!”

We’d like to take a moment to remind you that lives are precious, we know you love your kids, so always take the time to correctly install your seats regardless of the weather or if it’s ‘just a quick trip’. Where you’re uncertain, or want to be sure you have it right, have a technician check it. Always use a car seat or booster on every ride, no matter the duration or the type of roading.


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