Baby Safe LM208 Booster

This post entails a review done by New Zealand Child Restraints on the Baby Safe LM208 Tethered Booster, dated March. 2012. To see a larger image, click on the photo.

Baby Safe LM208 Booster

Basic seat facts:
Forward facing only – to 26kg
Maximum height – Not Stated
Standard – AS/NZS 1754 (Australian)
Lifespan – 10 years

The Seat:
Head rest adjustable – 33cm – 48cm
Width – 43cm
Shoulder width – 26cm
Leg width – 25cm

Bum to top – 68cm
Bum to legs – 33cm

There is no locking clip with this car seat (not required, however it pays to know how to use one).
Seat belt guides under adjustable head rest
Extra long tether strap

About the Baby Safe LM208 Booster

The LM208 booster is made to the most recent Australian Standards amendment that no longer limits use to weight (formally 14-26kg) now going by occupants height. The seat displays two lines, the first stating that the user must be above the lowest height marker to use the seat, and the second at a higher position stating when the child is no longer able to  use the seat and to move into either another booster with higher markers, or use an adult seat belt. We suggest following the “5 Step Test” to check whether the child is tall enough to use an adult belt, or use another booster seat.

The seat is placed onto the vehicle seat, the child sits inside with the head rest adjusted to site above their shoulders (not too high) and the seat belt then passes over the child, low across the hips, and over the shoulder across the chest.


- Light weight so easy to swap between cars
- Extra long tether strap makes it simple to install in many cars without the need for an extension strap.
- Easy to adjust head rest by squeeze and pull the lever behind the head rest.
- Storage pocket on the side to hold instruction manual.

- Cannot be used as a backless booster
- Cannot be used with additional Child Safety Harness


Fully extended

Booster naked


Labeling on booster back

Headrest adjust lever



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