Baby Safe Isofix seat 0-18kg

This post entails a review done by New Zealand Child Restraints on the Babysafe R3 convertible seat, dated July. 2011. To see a larger image, click on the photo.

Babysafe 0-18kg Isofix seat

Basic seat facts:
Rear facing to 13kg
Forward facing 9 – 18kg
Maximum height – Not stated
Standard – ECE44.03 (European)
Lifespan – Not stated

The Seat:
4 – height slots – 20, 26.5, 34 and 39cm
1 – buckle slots – 17.5cm
Seat width – 41cm
Shoulder width – 26cm
Leg width – 26cm
Crotch buckle length –  17.5cm

Bum to top  - 63.5cm
Bum to legs – 33cm

Padded removable inserts
Push in lever to adjust harness.
Padded cover
Latch fitted base

About the R3

The R3 offers a seat upon an isofix base.The car seat can be installed with a seat belt, or isofix attachments, although seat belt mode requires long seat belts and may not fit in all cars. There is no top tether with this seat. The seat can be moved along the base to allow a thorough install in your car.

To swap the seat to a mode (rear or forward facing) the seat is removed from the base and switched to the desired orientation and re-attached to the base.

There are 4 recline position, number 4 is the most reclined and must be used for rear facing only. Positions 1-3 are for forward facing allow upright, or semi reclined positions.

Recline options

Detachable base

Uncovered seat showing foam layer













- Quick to install
- Can be installed with, or without base
- Narrow width would allow multiple seat install (*note, most cars only allow isofix use on outboard positions. Do not use in the centre unless your car manual states that this is ok. Also only one seat per set of hooks, do not attempt to fit two seats on the same attachment).
- Entire inside of seat layered with EPP foam (energy absorbing)
- Seller offers layby
- Removing seat and or base from the car is simple to do.

- Low rear facing and harnessing limits
- Seat is quite heavy and bulky
- Seat belt install difficult and fiddly
- Puzzle buckle could be fiddly with wriggly child.
- Need to remember what buttons do what on the seat and base. One lever uses both push and pull movements for different actions.

For more information on these seats visit
To watch how this seat installs watch this Youtube clip

Side on

Rear facing side on


Rear of seat with access cover open

Without infant padding

Rear facing recline























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