Juniors Astro

This post entails a review done by New Zealand Child Restraints on the Juniors Astro combined booster seat, dated Jan. 2014. To see a larger image, click on the photo.

Combined booster seat
Juniors Astro 

Basic seat facts:
Forward facing 9 – 36kg (*Harness to 18kg, booster to 36kg)
Maximum height – None given
Standard - ECE44.03 (European)
Lifespan – Awaiting answer

The Seat:
3 – height slots (harness mode)-  26, 29, 35 cm
6 – height slots (booster mode) - 37, 40, 43, 45, 49, 52 cm
1 – buckle slots – 17 cm (from back of seat)
Seat width -45 cm (across shoulder area)
Head width – 26 cm
Leg width – 33cm
Crotch buckle length -16 cm (Including buckle head)

Bum to top – 52 – 71.5 cm
Bum to legs – 36 cm

Shell height – 63 – 82 cm
Back width – 45 cm
Base depth –  52 cm (when isofix bars fully extended)

Push in lever to adjust harness.
Padded cover
2 Instruction manuals for various modes of use
Isofix and top tether attachments

About the Astro

A solid seat, for a low price, that can be used forward facing in harness or booster mode. Very tall shoulder slot for booster mode. Easy to use isofix connectors make installing a breeze. Also equipped with a top tether with visual guide for correct tightness when installing.


- High shoulder slots in booster mode
- Toddler insert padding
- Latch and tether attachment store away when not in use
- Easy to adjust the harness
- Easy to install, option of isofix or seat belt
- Visual markers on isofix and top tether to ensure they’re connected and tightly fitted

- Heavy
- Large space needed when rear facing, but slightly less than the Diono convertible seats.
- Large gaps between slots 3 and 4.
- Need to remove 2 screws from adjustment to use in booster mode
- Slots may be too low for older children of harnessing weight

Expected retail price of this seat $179 – you can purchase it from www.babies.co.nz


A solid seat, for use forward facing only. It has east installation methods, allowing the user to choose between seat belt, or isofix. It also has a top tether strap for extra stability, we recommend this be used with either mode of installation.

Easy to read manufacture date clock and stamp which both match each other.

Steel reinforced frame, with blow molded shell.

Cover domes to the seat frame, as well as elastic and plastic connectors in various places. Seems easy enough to get off, with a bit more care required to get it back on and tuck the edges in behind the plastic plates.

Combined booster seat


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