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Safety 1st Complete Air 70 Car Seat – Decatur

This post entails a review done by New Zealand Child Restraints on the Safety 1st Complete Air 70 convertible car seat, dated March 2013. To see a larger image, click on the photo.

Safety 1st Complete Air 70

Safety 1st Complete Air 70

Basic seat facts:
Rear facing 2.2 – 18kg (48 – 101 cm)
Forward facing 9.9 – 32 kg (86 – 132 cm)
Maximum height – 132 cm
Standard – NZ “S” 1754 (New Zealand)
Lifespan – 8 yrs

The Seat:
5 – height slots – 22, 28, 32, 38, 42 cm (8.75, 11, 12.5, 15, 16.5 in) +2 cm without padding & compression extra
3 – buckle slots – 10, 13, 16 cm (4, 5, 6.25 in) From back of seat
Seat width – 45 cm (17.5 in) Across leg area
Shoulder width – 32 cm (12.5 in) Measured under headrest
Leg width – 34 cm (13.5 in)
Crotch buckle length -15 cm (6 in) Including buckle head

Bum to top  - 69 cm (headrest to max. setting) (27 in)
Bum to legs – 30 cm (12 in)

Shell height – 76 cm (30 in)
Back width – 27 – 42 cm (10.75 – 16.5 in)
Base width – 27 – 45 cm (10.5 – 17.75 in)
Base depth –  44 cm (17.25 in)

Chest clip
locking clip
Cup Holder x1
Push in lever to adjust harness.
Padded cover
Single engaging buckle tongues
Latch and top tether attachments

About the Complete Air 70

A convertible car seat for use from birth to 32 kg, or 131 cm tall. This seat has an easy adjust harness with no re-threading required. High rear facing weight limit. Light weight shell.

Headrest has air bags for side impact reduction, expelling air from the side of the child’s head as they strike the head rest, reducing crash forces to the child’s head.


- Easy to adjust head rest & harness
- High shoulder slots will last children to booster age easily
- Light weight
- Toddler insert padding
- Latch and tether attachment slots to store away when not in use

- Cannot remove headrest cover
Continuous loop harness
- To remove the toddler padding you need to remove the buckle, the slot is not wide enough to push it though.
- Headrest pushes head forward slightly (though may not be an issue once installed* we have not yet trialed this seat for fit).
- Similar fit rear facing as Diono RXT/R100, needs a lot of space – dual indicator may reduce issue this in come cars with older toddlers.

Expected retail price of this seat $399


This is the latest model to hit the shelves, it’s identifiable by the 32 kg weight limit (normally 29 kg) and dual angle recline lines on both sides of the seat. This has currently been found at Baby City stores (in store only), currently on sale till June 24th for $299.

The seat comes with the typical features like top tether (forward facing use only), LATCH anchors, chest clip, toddler inserts and locking clip.

On the rear of the seat you see 5 levels of harness adjustment, the seat comes out of the box on setting 2 of 5 (2nd from the bottom). The seat states that you can use it from 5-70 lb (2.25 kg to 32 kg) and up to 52″ (132.1 cm) tall.
On the rear of the seat you will also find the locking clip, expiry date and top tether strap. LATCH hooks connect to D rings found on the side of the seat cover.

While we have not yet taken measurements from the seat, it looks like you will get 6 years  for a heavy/tall child, and up to 7-8 years use for children at the lower ends of the growth curves.

The seat has life span of 8 years (2013 – 2021), the manufacture clock and expiry, do not use after date, are embossed into the seat shell, so no hard to locate clocks, missing stickers or missing manuals to worry about. Speaking of which, the manual stows away in its own housing on the adjustable boot used for rear/forward facing conversion.

Seat fabric – It’s a nice mixture of fabrics, the insert is plush, the main seat fabric is a jacquard type that is similar to upholstery style fabrics. The top sides of the seat has a mesh like covering, as found on many of the S1 “air” seats, this may be to allow any air expelled from the headrest to escape quickly.

The images below will help you experience the seat as if you are in the store right now.
The final image is an example of use found online. It is not part of our review.

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