Expiring capsules 2013

These seats are due to expire this year:

Baby Trend Latch Loc 
Expiring the month of which they were made, many of which were last imported in early 2007.


Evenflo Discovery with 3 point harness
Expiring 31 December 2013, last imported in early 2007.
Since replaced by models with 5 point harness, these are not due to expire yet.

Fabrics and base colours may vary, check manufacturing year on the seat (the one stamped into the shell)

Radian Recline & Rear Facing Boot

A few nights ago it was bought to our attention that a parent had unknowingly placed their seat into recline and then attached the rear facing boot to enhance the recline for their baby. A post was put on the wall informing people not to use the seat in recline with the rear facing boot attached. This led to confusion as some members thought you could use it this way, while others had no idea that their seat has a recline function.
Let me clarify that the recline is not massive, rather is more to assist with getting a solid install of the seat in your car.

Recline function

Under the seat is two gold bars, when you squeeze the one towards the rear of the seat you are able to swap between upright and recline mode. This requires quite a good grip to move the bar. As you can see in the photo there is an inverted “U” shaped slot where the bar needs to move through to swap between the upright and recline modes. [Seat shown on recline mode].

Rear facing boot

When used rear facing the seat needs to have the recline boot attached. The seat base must be in the upright most recline position at all times when used with the boot.


Upright for forward facing and rear facing use

When used rear facing, or installed forward facing the base must be in the upright position. This means the base will be flat, with no protrusions.

Recline function for forward facing use only

When installed forward facing you can use the recline feature on the base of the car seat. You must not use the seat forward facing with the rear facing boot attached.

When to use the rear facing boot, when not to, and when to use the recline function:

  • Never use the seat with the rear facing boot attached AND the base of the car seat in recline mode.
  • The boot must always be used when rear facing, though the seat base must be set to the upright position at all times when the boot is attached.
  • The boot should not be attached when the seat is used forward facing.

We checked the recline angles with the seat on a flat surface and found that when correctly fitted the rear facing recline with the boot and base in the upright position was the correct required angle (for infants*) of 45° degrees. When the base was incorrectly set with the seat based reclined, the angle varied between 5° – 7° OVER reclined (~50-52°). An infant’s recline must be around 45°, and older child can sit more upright at around 30° (as shown in the graphic below).

Rear facing angle.

Correct rear facing use

Over reclined – incorrect use

*Where an infant requires an angle of more than 45° in a car, you must check with your child’s doctor as a car bed may be required. Younger infants who are susceptible to breathing issues should travel only when required.