Evenflo Tribute vs. Cosco Scenera

This entry is to compare the Evenflo Tribute (Tas Baby) and Cosco Scenera (Dorel Products). These seats are similar in terms of features and price and are often a solution for a lower budget seat.

We will begin by covering the main features of each seat, then the measurements of each and top it off with some photos to show these seats side by side while we still have the Tribute in our collection.

The Cosco Scenera used is dated April 2008, the Evenflo Tribute is dated March 2010. Do not pay attention to these days as such as the seat moulds have not changed so the measurements are still the same and the weight limits listed are based on currently sold seats dated 2012.


Evenflo Tribute: RF 2.3 – 15.8 kg. FF 9-18 kg.
Cosco Scenera: RF 2.3 – 18 kg. FF  9.9-18 kg.
Top Tether: Both used only FF
ISOfix attachments: Both used RF or FF
EPS Foam: Evenflo only – covering head area.


Shoulder slots: 21, 26, 31, 36 cm
Crotch slots: 12, 17 cm
Internal width: 32 cm
External width: 45 cm
Shell height: 65cm
Seated height (bum to top of seat): 56 cm
User height : 48cm – 101 cm

Shoulder slots: 21, 26, 32, 38 cm
Crotch slots:  10, 13, 16.5 cm
Internal width: 35 cm
External width: 45 cm
Shell height: 68cm
Seated height (bum to top of seat): 60 cm
User height: 48 – 110 cm


In addition to above measurements and details…

- Cosco has a slightly higher shell, higher rear facing weight limit, slightly higher slots, 1 more crotch slot, same number of harness slots. Can use all slots for rear facing. Crotch strap is shorter at 13 cm. There is no EPS foam under the cover. Costs $174-$209

- Evenflo has EPS* foam under the cover, claims to be side impact tested* (logo attached to seat), has a longer crotch strap length at 18 cm. Cannot use top slots for rear facing use. Costs $179 – $249

- Both have slots for attaching LATCH and top tether when not in use. Similar thin padding. Have continuous harness (See here for a video on this). Similar flex plastics. Similar overall features and quality.

- Neither come with harness strap covers or buckle pads.

*A note on EPS foam and side impact testing – There is no proof that EPS foam is any safer than no EPS foam, while is it presumed that it plays a part in absorbing energy during an impact given their use in helmets for more than 20+ years. American Standard FMVS 213 (which both of these seats meet, in addition to NZ “S” 1754) does not test or measure side impact testing as part of their standard. However individual companies are opting to test this, though their methods may differ given the fact it is not mandatory in the States.


Diono Adjuster Pad

Recently we found out that the Diono Angle Adjuster Pad has been revised and is now made out of a much firmer foam. While it is not a safety issue people using the old style may find after a while the adjuster remains indented from the seat and the angle is no longer as upright as when first used. The newer style foam only retains a small amount of the shaping.

These pads can be used with any Sunshine Kids XTSL,  Diono RXT, Diono R100 car seat/s when installed rear facing and over the age of 12 months only.







Here is a video showing the difference